East of England sees export boom in financial and related professional services

A new TheCityUK report found financial and related professional services firms in the East of England enjoyed a remarkable year in 2016 with exports up by 23% to £5.2bn. Nationally, industry exports were up by 15.8% to a total of £95.7bn.

TheCityUK report, ‘Exporting from across Britain,’ demonstrates for the first time the extent to which financial and related professional services firms based in the East of England export their services to the rest of the world. Financial services exports were equivalent to half (51%) of the industry’s total output in the region in 2015.

Anjalika Bardalai, Chief Economist and Head of Research, TheCityUK, said:

“While London is an important piece of the puzzle, over half the industry’s exports come from elsewhere – £5.2bn from the East of England alone. In 2016, industry exports saw double digit growth in nearly every part of the country. It’s this collective national contribution which helps to make the UK the world’s leading international financial centre.”

The report shows that the South East was the largest exporter of financial and related professional services outside London in 2016 (£11.6bn), followed by Scotland (£7.2bn) and the North West (£6.6bn).

Taken together, Scotland and the North West alone exported financial services worth almost three quarters of the financial services exports of France as a whole.

The UK is the world’s leading net exporter of financial services, with a trade surplus of $77bn (£57bn) in 2016. This is nearly twice that of the next leading country, the US, at $41bn (£31bn).

Region/Nation 2015 FRPS* exports (£bn) 2016 FRPS* exports (£bn) Increase
London 39.7 46.6 17%
South East 10.5 11.6 10%
Scotland 6.6 7.2 9%
North West 5.9 6.6 13%
East of England 4.2 5.2 23%
South West 3.8 4.6 19%
Yorkshire and the Humber 3.3 4.0 22%
West Midlands 3.4 3.9 14%
Wales 2.0 2.2 11%
East Midlands 1.9 2.2 17%
North East 1.3 1.7 29%
Great Britain** 82.6 95.7 15.8 %

*Financial and related professional services (finance, insurance, accountancy, legal services, management consultancy and business services).
** Data unavailable for Northern Ireland

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