Free sales training course offered to SMEs

A new Essex based sales training company Train4Sales has launched with a special offer to any businesses who visits their website and registers. Train4Sales are offering every visitor a free “do it yourself” course called Instant Rapport that will bring tangible results to any business with just a little application.

Train4Sales owner Stuart Hardy comments: “One of the first and most important stages in any sales relationship is creating rapport with the customer quickly and naturally. Most people find themselves relating well to others in certain circumstances, often through a shared experience or common interest. Over assertive or aggressive selling techniques can trigger a customers’ defence mechanisms, causing mistrust and making the chance of a successful negotiation less likely. The key to fast and natural rapport building is finding common ground, putting customers at ease and developing trust through affinity. Instant Rapport is a short, stand-alone course which will benefit virtually any business person. We are offering this free snippet as a taster to our complete courses which have been specifically devised with SMEs in mind.”

With over 40 years of experience in sales and sales training Stuart recognised a gap in the market for affordable, modular training programs which businesses can implement as their business needs demand. The new company specialises in training for telesales, direct sales and call centre environments for which their flagship course “Cold to Sold” was devised.

He continues: “I think a lot of small to medium sized businesses choose not to engage outside training because it’s perceived as expensive and only for the big boys. Train4Sales courses are affordable for virtually any size of business and the results can be quite astounding. I find that most sales people respond to regular training and it also helps maintain their motivation and focus. A good training program can increase sales in a number of ways; firstly, it will help sales people identify and qualify more prospects, creating more sales opportunities. Secondly it will help convert more of those opportunities into actual sales and thirdly it will help improve margins and therefore profitability. It also frees up management time, which improves overall business efficiency.”

With a background of selling in sectors like media, financial services, property and automotive Stuart has developed a thorough understanding of sales techniques. It was this knowledge that enabled him to create extremely powerful training courses for businesses that favour a fast sales cycle. For

business models that demand a more consultative selling approach, like industrial machinery or SaS (Software as a Solution), Train4Sales create bespoke courses to address very specific and variable business objectives.

With the recent introduction of tighter controls over data usage (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation), companies employing outgoing sales models are under greater scrutiny than ever before, and fines for malpractice can be severe. It is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are operating within the strict guidelines, protecting their customers, their employees and their business.

A company’s sales people are a valuable and sometimes expensive asset and their ability to sell products successfully and with integrity often makes the difference between business success or business failure. This is where effective training can really come in to its own and it’s one of the best investments a business could ever make.

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