GIMA Launches Innovator’s Seed Corn Fund


The Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association is launching a £5,000 seed corn fund to help support the drive for innovation within the UK gardening industry.

The UK garden industry was worth in excess of £4.9b in 2013 and is forecast to grow to £5.6b in 2018 (source Mintel), but despite this optimistic outlook, there is still the need to encourage new businesses, designers and innovators to enter the market.

With a well established supply base in the UK, the sector continues to see new products being launched by established companies, but any industry needs to see a healthy flow of smaller companies coming in to move the market forward through innovative products and services, and the gardening industry is no different.

Whilst the demographics of the UK population continue to shift, both the growing aging population and younger more design led gardening consumers both present opportunities for designers to get their creative juices flowing.

GIMA Director, Vicky Nuttall said ‘GIMA is keen to encourage new entrants into the market, and as such we have put together a package of support that will enable new companies to navigate their way through the nuances of our industry.  We see it as providing the necessary injection of new blood into an already established industry’.

The winning entry will receive funding to help with the development and marketing of their product together with support from experts within the industry.

GIMA is taking applications for the 2014 fund now, with a closing date of 20th June.  This year’s winner will be revealed during GLEE, the gardening industry trade show, held each year at the NEC in September.

For more details about how to apply for the fund, visit the GIMA website or get in touch with the GIMA office on 01959 565885 or email

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