Humaniq Opens an Innovation Centre in Cambridge

Blockchain Startup Humaniq is launching an innovation office in Cambridge and co-organized the Workshop “AI and Blockchain for Social Good” at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

After reaching 10.000 participants with its Crowd Sale reaching $4 Million, Humaniq is launching a new Innovation Centre in Cambridge. This expansion will enhance the capabilities of Humaniq to solve critical and chronic issues of the world by repurposing Artificial Intelligence and DeepTech for social good and enabling leading scientists and entrepreneurs to solve the most critical problems facing humanity.

“This new innovation centre will provide an opportunity to be part of a lasting and growing ecosystem which has found success in many areas of innovation and which Humaniq will be able to contribute to and learn from as we grow” said Alex Fork, founder of Humaniq.

Cambridge is home to several innovation clusters, universities, leading academic research, and entrepreneurial institutes that provide the right environment and ecosystem for the AI and Blockchain Lab. Within this initiative there will be regular hackathons and conferences to attract the best talent and solutions with a focus on solving critical global challenges.

“Humaniq’s Cambridge office will act as a beacon in the continuous support of finding new and innovative solutions and bringing together academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, government, and industry to solve real-world problems globally using exponential and emerging technologies through an ever progressive social security environment and sustainable cooperative ecosystem for the betterment of humanity” said Hazem Danny Al-Nakib, Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Advisor of Humaniq, and partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures.

This innovation centre will enable Humaniq to work with leading academics and organisations. It will be the basis for efficient interaction with a global scientific network. It is part of Humaniq’s broader strategy to collaborate with universities, research institutes, private and public organisations to grow its Scientific and Academic Advisory Board.

“Through this centre we will ensure that Humaniq will have direct access to the best scientists and experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Next-generation IT-technologies. Cambridge will be the focal point for Humaniq’s innovation centre and building deep tech infrastructure through research institutions as well as incubators and accelerators.” said Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-founder of Humaniq and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures.

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