Hunter & Uro take to the streets of Bedford to mark Divorce Week

With Monday 8th January 2018 being dubbed as National Divorce Day and the start of Divorce Week in the UK, family law firm Hunter & Uro took to the streets of Bedford town centre to let local residents know that free legal advice is available should they need it.

The Sharnbrook-based family law specialist met with shoppers and families and raised awareness of the services it can provide to help them with any personal legal issues.

Partner Pui Uro said: “We were in two minds whether or not to do this to be honest. We didn’t want to look as though we were turning Divorce Day into a marketing opportunity for our firm, but at the same time, the first working Monday of a new year has been named Divorce Day for a reason. Year on year, divorce enquiries spike at this time of year and we wanted to let the families of Bedfordshire know that if they are having a tough time that we can genuinely help and know they have our details and know where to come for specialist legal advice if and when they need it.”

Fellow Partner Philip Hunter added: “And it isn’t just divorces. The Christmas period sees families spend more time together than they would normally, without the distractions of work and school, and it can highlight any potential family legal issues as a result. For example, arrangements for children, a reminder that our elderly relatives may need to protect their assets, or that long running family dispute that really needs settling.”

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