Stralis Hi-Way wipes away preconceptions at Ed Weetman

Ed Weetman FN63 3 September 2013

Great Haywood-based bulk haulage specialist Ed Weetman (Haulage & Storage) Ltd has taken delivery of its first ever Iveco heavy truck, and Managing Director Richard Harvey says it certainly won’t be the last. The Stralis Hi-Way 6×2 twin-steer tractor unit, supplied by Stoke-on-Trent-based Sherwood Truck & Van, marks an addition to the 30+ strong fleet and has been put straight into operation distributing road salt supplies for the winter to locations in Staffordshire, Norfolk and Northamptonshire.

Harvey says: “We’ve never operated an Iveco before, but what tipped the balance was seeing the Stralis Hi-Way first-hand and meeting the manufacturer. Any preconceptions I had about Iveco were quickly put to rest. “As a business we’ve focused on pretty much managing out empty-running and all of our artics operate at 44 tonnes, nearly all the time. This makes us a fuel thirsty operation, but if the Stralis Hi-Way can deliver even a small improvement on fuel, then the real term benefit to our business will be significant.”

In operation five days per week, the Stralis Hi-Way AS440S46TX/P has been fitted with a ‘wet kit’ and is finished in the customer’s distinctive red, white and blue livery. As well as distributing road salt, it will be used to transport large volumes of agricultural feed, combinable crops and quarry products nationwide.

Commenting on feedback from the driver, Harvey adds: “The driver loves the spacious cab and is very pleased with his new vehicle. The Stralis is also getting a lot of attention from other drivers in the company. It’s not what they expected an Iveco would be like at all; they’ve been pleasantly surprised!”

Harvey says that the Stralis is as good on payload, if not slightly better, than anything else he operates – crucial for a company being paid by the tonne. And the five year Iveco Elements repair and maintenance contract is the “best in fleet”.