Wenta help thousands to start their own business

Wenta, the leading enterprise agency in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, have helped thousands of local people to start up new businesses across the counties over the last three years.

Out of 4444 clients seen by the Wenta Advisory team through a government initiative to get people back into employment by exploring the opportunities of self-employment, over 50% ended up trading for the test period of 26 weeks. An incredible 79% of these people continued to trade after this period.

The help given by Wenta also made a huge impact on the financial support that these people have needed. Over £1 million of Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) was saved as a result of these people starting their own businesses. This saving rises to over £3 million when you allow for the businesses that were still trading after 6 months.

Peter Cabon, Executive Director of Wenta, commented:

“Wenta are very proud of these results that we’ve achieved in supporting local people to start their own business but this isn’t just about the savings made on JSA, we have seen some fabulous new businesses launch as a result of the support and encouragement we were able to give them. We have examples of people who were unemployed for 15 months but have gone on to not only start their own business but to now employ 8 people in their local area too.”

If you would like to learn more about the advisory support Wenta are able to give to start-up businesses then please visit